My name is Paul.My UX/UI Design & Dev stuff... mostly.


Business Profile Site


  • Visual Design
  • UX / UI Design
  • Front-End Development


As a team member at, I had the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment where I contributed to developing and designing the business directory site. My main focus was improving customer user experience by working closely with designers, developers, and other teams. I was involved in notable projects, such as developing an object-oriented CSS library in partnership with Nicole Sullivan, which aimed to improve the site layout consistency and responsiveness. Additionally, I participated in user research and testing to gather feedback, which helped inform decisions and ensure customer needs were met. This experience allowed me to grow my skills in product ideation, visual design, and user experience while helping small businesses establish a web presence and expand their customer base.

Profile analytics helps illustrate a company profile's performance. Redesigned claim process.

Wireframe for registration and how emails tie into the process.

A quick wireframe to understand and convey the flow of the recommendation badge.

User flow illustrating the user's flow through the Recommendation badge.

Wallpapers created in Blender 3D and also Photoshop.

Holiday-themed wallpapers created in Photoshop.